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I wore this dress when I was younger but could never squeeze into it now even though I wish I could. I still have it hanging in my closet. It is in pristine shape.

The dress was likely made on Newcastle Street, in Dartmouth,  when my grandmother came to live with us after my dad volunteered for the Korean War with the Canadian Army for one year. Three little kids and my mom - I can still remember Nanny sitting in the dark hall with the little light on the Singer sewing machine making pieces of clothing and dolls clothes for us which we made our kitten wear.

Rudi, Studio Dog "woof, woof"

Herr Rudi Rudolph is my studio dog. He is nearly 6 months old, born in Shelburne, N.S.. He is a red miniature dachsund. Rudi is both bold and nervous all wrapped up in the same little package.


He is named after my grandmother Margaret Rudolph Rogers from Pictou, N.S., born in Port Bickerton, N.S.


Rudi is into performance art.

canus lupus familiarius

Myself and Daddio - publicity shot - way back when - taken from a photo of him in Pictou, NS when he was a very young man ready to take on the world and all the wars he could sign up for.