vii) Buoys Series

Buoys...Talk is cheap but fish is scarce, oil on unsupported canvas with grommets, 108" x 36", 2001 $


So far this is a one-of but I intend on expanding the series given time and space. I have used the title a couple of times because it is a bit of a brain-twister and indicative of the way some of the fishermen talk - with a little teaze in there to stop you in your tracks. A line of grommets are used for hanging it, but the canvas could be stretched if push came to shove. I am  very attached to this painting - it has a certain buoyancy - as it should - and life to it as on the ocean but also as a visual study of these handmade wooden objects used thousands of times in calm seas and in gales. to mark one's own nets in a chosen territory hard fought over. This was the old world.



New World - now styrofoam buoys are used

Wikipedia: Lobster trap buoys – brightly colored buoys used for the marking of lobster trap locations so the person lobster fishing can find their lobster traps. Each lobster fisherman has his or her own color markings or registration numbers so they know which ones are theirs. They are only allowed to haul their own traps and must display their buoy color or license number on their boat so law enforcement officials know what they should be hauling. The buoys are brightly colored with highly visible numbers so they can be seen under conditions when there is poor visibility like rain, fog, sea smoke, etc