iv) Channel Markers Series

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Channel Markers Panorama, oil on unsupported canvas, 9' x 4', 2001  $5500 (can be hung directly on the wall with tiny architectural nails or I can construct a custom support for it.






The idea for this series came from a summer trip to Grand Manan Island part of an archipeligo of island in the Bay of Fundy. Between Grand Manan and White Deer Island was a series of navigational markers. They stood like totems/centinels in the water as the dwarfed ferry made it's way through them. I remember being in awe of the markers and felt that I never that I was able to capture their true majesty in paint on canvas.

The Channel Markers were exhibited in ArtsPlace, Annapolis Royal, NS. 2001

Channel Marker, oil on unsupported canvas, 9' x 2', $2500


This painting was an attempt to give the viewer a sense of what it was like to be ferrying by these markers, although they were much taller than this in reality. They were like a forest of sentinels or totems from my point of view. They had bits of red tape on them, ropes, metal bits. It was like a secret code I could not comprehend.

   Five Mini Channel Markers


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