Self Portrait with turn around girl, oil on canvas, 72``x 60``, 1989 SOLD

 vi) Figurative Series

These large format paintings were created in the 80s and 90s - dark palette - finding my way. I will be adding to this page as I proceed. Lots of figurative pieces yet to be added.

The Dock, oil on canvas, 72`x 60`, 1988SOLD in the City of Ottawa Art Collection, Ottawa.
Camp Borden -Pink Coats and Practiced Vows, oil on canvas 60`` x 48``, 1986 SOLD
ursus americanus with Heather, oil on canvas, 96``x 60``, 1990 SOLD in the Cartleton University Art Collection, Ottawa.
Dad excavates at Clam Harbour while we witness in bathing suits, oil on canvas, 60" x 48", 1990 $5500
Newcastle Street, Dartmouth, oil on canvas 72" x 60", 1985 SOLD
Bad Boy #1 with Tancook Remedies - Bad Boys Series, oil on unsupported canvas, 1997, 108" x 96" in the City of Ottawa Art Collection. SOLD

Muybridge and Beehives - Brinksmanship (diptych), oil on canvas, 144' x 6', 1991$8500

Venus de Milo with bottle necklace overlooking the Atlantic, oil on unsupported canvas with grommets, 1990 SOLD

Prom Night, oil on canvas 5' x 4'

Butchers and hot water bottle, oil on unsupported canvas, 96" x 122", 1990  SOLD

Remnants of Familiar Territory, oil on canvas, 60" x 48" SOLD and published on a terrific Carleton University poetry bookm Something I need Remember by Holly Kritsch. In the City of Ottawa Art Collection, Ottawa.

Nick Moving On, oil on canvas, 56" x 42",  2014   SOLD

The Inscrutables - Uncharted Waters, companion pieces, 6 feet by 5 feet each, 1990ish $5500 each

An Ecumenical Embrace - bleeding heart with curlers (triptych), 18 feet  x 5 feet, oil on canvas, 1991 panel 2 SOLD to the NS Art Bank - (did not think they would purchase the whole thing at the time so submitted one panel. The other two are in my collection.)

Heroic Maritime Explorations (triptych) oil on canvas, 15 feet x 6 feet., 1991 AVAILABLE FOR SALE

Silences Discretely Observed (diptych) 12 feet by 5 feet, oil on canvas, 1991 AVAILABLE FOR SALE

Facing Kingsmere, oil on canvas, 1990ish, 72" x 60", SOLD

Gunner Ferguson, Stencils and Bear Mask (triptych) drawing and painting on large format paper, $3000

Winged Head Mahone Bay (self portrait), oil on canvas, 1997ish

Us on Grand Manan, oil on canvas (mini) 1996ish

Prom Night with Red Corner, oil on canvas, 60" x 48", 1990 $4000

A Fortuitous Confluence of Motives, oil on canvas, 96" x 60", 1990 SOLD In the City of Ottawa Art Collection

Picnic in Hatchet Lake, oil on canvas, 5 feet x 4 feet SOLD NS City of Ottawa Art Collection