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v) Floorcloth Painting Series

* I am prepared to make a similarly themed floorcloth painting of any of the images below  if sold already or NFS.

These paintings can be displayed on the wall or on low traffic areas on the floor to maintain their brightness. They have several layers of water-based varnish on them to make them durable and glossy.

Rape of the Northern Cod, acrylic with gloss luster, mixed media, 1995, 55" x 29" $1500

(This was how the situation was viewed and talked about - dire and grave - at the time and still is - to think that Cabot was in these Atlantic waters the cod slowed their ships they were so plentiful. Think about it.)

The Cod Are Gone - Closed in Canada,

acrylic with gloss luster, mixed media

(continued working on this image as the situation changed for the cod from moratorium to literally a closed fishery - there are reports of the cod making a come back from time to time)

55.5” x 30”

1995 - 2003


I have sold different versions of this floorcloth.

Speaking Seagull in Chester #1 acrylic with gloss lustre on canvas, mixed media, 64" x 39", 1998  SOLD

Limitless Sea? A lie! acrylic with gloss lustre on canvas, 54" x 18" Milton Acorn poem) 2004 - will reproduce a similar one for NFS

Like thanks for the friendship, peach and respect - wampum belt, acrylic with gloss lustre on canvas, 1999. $2500

Fisherman's Last Supper, acrylic with gloss luster, mixed media, 36' x 48", 2001  SOLD

Attachment to Place , acrylic with gloss luster, buttons on canvas, 24.5" x 49.5", NFS

Willkommen in Kkanadas Atlantikprovinzen, acrylic gloss luster on canvas, 44" x 60", 1999 $4000

Tobin's Fish Wars - Gunboat Diplomacy, acrylic with gloss luster, mixed media on canvas, 84" x 71", 1996 $5000

Goin' History, acrylic with gloss luster on canvas, 24" x 49", 2003 $1500

World Hauled He's Grounded on God's Great Bank Keelheaved to Heaven into Boatfilled Arms (Celtic Poem), acrylic with gloss luster on canvas, 48" x 48", 2002 $4000

IFrank Byron Ferguson to Aunt Chat Birthday Poem, acrylic with gloss luster, 22" x 35", 1995 NFS

by the holy old dynamitin' jesus the cod are gone, acrylic with gloss luster, 20.5" x 34", 1996 $700

Wave Upon Wave of Cod, acrylic with gloss luster, mixed media, 19.7" x 31.5" SOLD

Washed by waves, acrylic gloss luster mixed media, 36" x 24", 1999. $650

No Swallows on Grand Manan, acrylic gloss luster, 22" x 35.5", 1997 $650.

Gales of 1866 and Bible Studies, acrylic with gloss luster with mixed media with vintage bible study cards on canvas, 36" x 144", 2003, $4000 (like a runner 12' long)

Unavailing Bitterness (Charles Bruce), acrylic gloss luster, 30" x 55.7", 1995 $1500.

We shall not foget Dad, acrylic gloss luster, 30" x  55, 2011 $2000.

Nova Scotia was a peninsula surrounded by fish, acrylic with gloss lustrer on canvas, 36" x 40", 1997 NFS

When Loud the Storm (Charles Bruce), acrylic with gloss luster on canvas, 2011, $1500

Exhibition: Goin' History

Floorcloth Paintings

Craig Gallery, Alderney Landing,

HRM, NS     2003

*These paintings were shown in various numbers in Newfoundland at the Annex Gallery/Devon Art Gallery, Craig Gallery Alderney Landing HRM, Coastline Gallery Shelburne, N.S., Argyle Fine Art HRM, the Black Duck Gallery in Lunenburg and Westboro Studio Tour, Ottawa and ILand Gallery in Toronto.


The floorcloth paintings were inspired by the hooked rugs commonly made in Nova Scotia over the ages to prevent drafts from coming through floors and a way to recycle old clothing and wool bits.

The title Goin' History was aptly uttered by Harry Rennehan, a lobster fisherman in SW Nova Scotia, who remarked one day before the recent lobster glut, the lobster fishery is goin' history, just like the cod. Love that man. I thought the phrase totally covered the whole environmental mess we humans have manged to get ourselves in.

I found I had so many feelings about the moratorium of the cod and the desertification of the oceans, that this was the perfect format for me to combine text and images to say what I wanted to say about human and government incompetence and failure to preserve the environment for future generations.